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why can i only get a semi hard on

Why Can I Only Get a Semi Hard on?

Sex is a lot of pleasure, but sometimes the little guy can get in the way! If you can’t get very difficult now, you can do the following to solve this problem. Uncertainty you can do it, it is not erectile dysfunction (ED). Each time, when to visit them is not for health.
Calm down! This is normal. But if you can’t get and stay hard enough to break in and sex (Come On, Come All), you can and. It’s time to talk to your doctor. You can back health problems or take a new antihistamine with this unfortunate side effect. Fortunately, it is possible to treat, so the doctor.

Over 50% of men with diabetes suffer from erection problems at some point. It relates this to scarce blood flow to the penis, peripheral nervous system, poor glucose control, treatment or cure high blood pressure, low testosterone, obesity, and smoking history.

ED problem in Relationship:

Erection problems occur, and they often come as we speak. Almost every man will be difficult to get or maintain an erection once in a while. Most times, it is fleeting, a situation is if I do not give it rise to concern, and does not show a lack of attention to the partner or losing sexual function.

In other cases, erection problems can signal a health problem-why we should always bring the growth in the standing issue to the attention of a doctor.
Erection problems occur, now and then is not a problem except for a few consider it a problem. Erection problems that occur in over 25% of the encounters during a certain period can be considered as the lack of erections (Ed), although health care providers usually people ask a variety of questions and can conduct tests to rule out a hello before such as identification.
However, due to the relationship between ED and heart, a man should always inform his doctor about erection problems is that they can exclude other health conditions.

why can i only get a semi hard on

What is the erection hardness score & Why can I only get a semi hard on?

Erection hardness score as a self-reporting measure that Dick strictly on a four-point scale.
• The purpose of the mass was to help the men, their partners and doctors diagnosed the lack of a penis. In fact, hard and soft. Food speculation can imagine the position after.
• Erection problems can cause a massive strain on the relationship and the Dragon. It is very easy to panic, think the worst of all, and question everything. Some people fear that it has damaged them but the masturbation my penis members fear that they were no longer attractive. The list is endless.

• It is important to realize that every man in your life will be the day at some point when the reaction can be unpredictable. Many feel that the problem resolved itself a few weeks or days later. So it is important to be realistic.
• If you face the night and suddenly the penis is, its good blood flow to the nerve supply of the penis is in excellent condition.
• In the first place, it is always worth remembering that even though you might have had an involuntary reaction without direct contact of the penis and minimal foreplay, it will be a time when you need more stimulation to become sexually aroused.
• Loss of erection can often occur at the same time with the brain are the symptoms and warning signs about equally to lie vascular and diabetes. Therefore, it is especially important for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and hand analysis, and all the usual limits. The doctor can also point to the genital examination.

What is the erection hardness score & Why can I only get a semi hard on

• Even on the worst days, and after that, his biggest mistake in his masculinity was always there for them.
• Unfortunately, it may not be what they use you to can be. You can be one of the 10% of all men who deal with the piano, later in the moderate lack of a penis. Do not be angry because you can’t very hard now. This article will tell you everything you need to know.
• All because of erection problems to be solved to allow you to maintain a full erection. Contact with us in CA, AZ, TX, NY and FL for treatment.

So what is the Actual problem to get a semi hard on?

The issue with the lack of standing is that it could be several things. The following information will give you a general idea about the most common causes of impotence, but to find out who the doctor is.

The heart of the problem

In the sexual stimulation of the penis is filled with blood and makes it we know the answer. Where the reaction depends on the blood flow, heart or blood conditions can affect your ability to get hard.
Effective is a disease that causes loss as the penis’s blood vessels, inhibit, as a direct effect on the results of the blood flow.

Other common problems are more cholesterol and high blood pressure.

If you feel you have any of these problems or do you think that you in the heart of a problem, please check them out. A. G with your doctor.


Drugs and medications

Excessive use of hard drugs can be a stimulus, the lack of a penis. Cocaine and amphetamines are among the.
Often excessive alcohol consumption can cause impotence, which makes the lack of erectile function in individuals suffering from alcohol or drug addiction for high capacity.
If you move away from the difficult entertainment, General, prescribed drugs, you can interfere with blood flow.

Drugs and medications

Some factors that Why Can you Only Get a Semi Hard on:


If you climb the stairs and put more holes in your belt, the risk of impotence is high.
Natural weakness and the fall of testosterone in men make sex less attractive and Prevention of sexual stimulation.
Age can lead to heart problems, and you probably will take more medicine than in the golden day.

Your mind

We investigated the physical causes for the lack of a penis, but that mental health problems and people’s depression and anxiety may be important factors for impotence.
With a focus on anxiety, performance anxiety during sexual intercourse can cause impotence.
Performance anxiety is just that: the inability to perform sexually because you are afraid that you cannot do it sexually.

So what are you doing to solve it?

Just as there are many causes of lack of erection, you can do some things to solve impotence.

Eat better

Yes, it is fine. Sit down with a dietitian or just end the awful food in your diet is a good and easy way to help the lack of a penis.

• Rich in fat and cholesterol do not help your body and can lead to heart problems.
• You don’t need to stop eating them, but to reduce them.
• And as always, eat fruits and vegetables.

Eat better


• In your life, stress can affect your body in the production of testosterone and the effect on blood flow.
• Cutting out or removing a primary stressor in your life (if you can) can help impotence.
• You also integrate meditation into your life. This is a great way to relax and unwind, and there are many benefits.

Stop working and drinking

• Add other reasons to quit smoking, it is all here to get sex back to where it needs to be.
• As for the drink, you don’t have to completely stop drinking, but it depends on how many drinks you have, cut back so that you can get your body back into proper shape.


Find drugs that try to solve the lack of erection is nothing to be ashamed of. The medications you are taking, though, are important.
• A good way to do this is that alpha male plus. Alpha male Plus is a supplement that improves your sexual performance.
• It is not only your sexual performance improves, but it is also a natural solution for the lack of a penis.
• Only a pill that will dissolve in your mouth and then you can go along with it for up to 72 hours!

Take Consulting Services

You might not be interested in seeing a sex therapist. But can help If the cause of your erectile dysfunction is emotional, this is the only way.

• They often expect men to be “hard.” He doesn’t tell them how they feel. At the very least, this subconscious dominates a person.
• Talking about your feelings can be the key to rediscovering your sexual potential.
• Can you be cured now? It’s not too late.
• You will not be completely tense because moving around will not help you. Therefore, it is time to take action.

Take Consulting Services

Final Verdict

It is very popular and sold online. However, young people use drugs to improve sexual function. We should note that longevity or impressing your colleagues can lead to counterfeit and dangerous drugs online and other drugs, so consult your doctor, especially if erectile dysfunction may be a sign of a Background problem.
The best exercises to eat a healthy diet and prevent pelvic floor exercise.

Also, check out the rest of our blog for more general content. If this article helped you share it with your friends and others with erectile dysfunction. We provide the treatment services in CA, AZ, TX, NY and FL Contact us.

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