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what is the best exercise for erectile dysfunction

Along with having emotional support and trust of your partner and having medically attended to this dysfunction. So, What Is The Best Exercise For Erectile Dysfunction is the question that arose in the mind.

It should also be attended through physiotherapy. Research shows easy reversal of sexual performance a man had before the ED.

The pelvic floor muscles can become inactive or hypoactive effecting an erectile in different ways.

It may dysfunction because of these muscles being not in use for too long or hypoactive as in damaging the nerves of the penis that help maintain the blood pressure in it. It can also happen as an aftermath as post prostatectomy.


How exercise is more beneficial?

The men who have heart issues can easily suffer from ED. Endothelium does not work properly thus disrupts the working of vascular area muscles. The vascular tone is something that predicts the working of a well worked performance, ad if its damaged it can cause remodeling of structure of the vascular region, inflammation, and impotency. All these drugs containing prostaglandin, triple drugs and papaverine maybe good to an extent.   The patient can take them for a year or two but late they start becoming part of body and does not give the result it gave the first time. Safer and long-lasting way is to have therapeutic treatment. Surgeries and medicines can only work as long without side effects. 

Even patients of some chronic disease, heart issues, high blood pressure, diabetes can perform them without worrying about a change in their diet and medicinal routine.  Working on respiration and maintaining a good breath is more important than one realizes. Core exercise helping in maintaining low cholesterol and sugar levels keeps body in more good shape and effects bodily results in many ways that one does not realize.  

Aerobic exercises:

Aerobic exercises help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This stamina increase is what helps increase blood circulation to the small vessels of the body. 

  1. Skipping
  2. Running
  3. Rowing
  4. Cycling 
  5. Spins
  6. Boxing 

These aerobic exercises are vital to add in one’s life. They make you sweat, removing any harmful toxins present in blood that might block your vessels and cause swelling. These pelvic exercises for erectile dysfunction also force you to eat healthy. You don’t only loose but also have an intake of good vitamins and important carbs. He who has health has hope. These best exercises for erectile dysfunction also make one stress free, thus one looks at life with a more positive way, rather than procrastinating about it. Being mentally stressed is also one of the major reasons of erectile dysfunction. These activities take one away from stress even if for some time.

The good solution for a query of what is the best exercise for erectile dysfunction is the pelvic exercise.  Many men as well as woman perform this exercise to stay fit in their pelvic region. It helps them in keeping it fit. Men perform it to solve their ED issue whereas women perform it to have help n solving after birth issues

exercise for erectile dysfunction

Kegel exercise:

It is very helpful in strengthening the lower pelvic muscles. The bulbocavernosus muscle gets strong. This specific muscle helps in three things: allows good supply to anus during erection, holds during ejaculation, and helps empty up the urinary bladder after a visit to the bathroom. Another reason to use Kegel exercise is to tighten the muscles of one’s rear end, same as if you are holding solid discharge. 

  1. Hold for 7 to 10 seconds while inhaling, when reach a peak loosens those muscles.
  2. Trying to challenge one’s self to hold for a long time is better. Holding the muscle for ten seconds at least during exercise, two to three times a day is better.
  3. The more one holds this muscle to tighten up, the better the results are for one to see.

This exercise covers your abdominal region to your pelvic region. Any ailment of muscle dysfunction as unvolunteered bowel movement and no control over bladder can be reduced or ultimately stopped through Kegel exercise. 

erectile dysfunction

Additional help:

Pelvic muscle exercises help the patient to alleviate any erectile brokenness. These penile exercises for erectile dysfunctionalso do help in reducing or stopping:

  1. Lessen urinary or intestinal incontinence
  2. Stop spill after urinating
  3. Improve the sexual experience overall

It takes four to six weeks in noticing a difference in one’s erection. Activating these pelvic muscles can be done by sitting or standing as well. Consistency is the most important thing when performing these exercises. Doing the following exercises in a repeat every day without a gap is what makes them so good and beneficial, otherwise the ED might return. 

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Pilates Exercise:

Secondly are Pilates exercises. They are one good way to fight ED. They activate just the good group of muscles that need.  The following ids the knee fallout. 

  1. Beginners use it as a small moving exercise. One need to be at a rest position, lying down with needs bent is something preferable. There should be a bit of a space between the middle back and the floor mat.
  2. Exhale and squeeze the pelvic muscles and lower the knee slowly. Then inhale and relax the muscles.
  3. Repeat this on both sides four to five times in every session and then gradually increase it to ten per session. 
best exercise for erectile dysfunction

Supine Foot Raise:

Supine foot raise is also one that consists of small exercises. 

  1. Try to connect the pelvic muscles and lift one foot into the air try keeping it straight making an angle of 45- degree.
  2. Hold this situation for a couple of moments.
  3. Gradually place one foot back on the ground and rehash on the other foot.      
erectile dysfunction exercise

The Bridge:

Another one of the best exercises for erectile dysfunction is pelvic curl. It is also known as the bridge. 

  1. Start by lying on the floor, hands by your sides, knees bowed and feet on the ground.
  2. Get close as possible to pelvic muscles and lift the hindquarters up in air. The weight of you rest of the body should                            be on your shoulders.
  3. Fixing one’s rear end and holding it up for some moments is important. Breathe out and discharge while gradually lay down on the ground.
  4. There is to be a repetition of this four times in every workout session, and work up to 10 redundancies for the best outcome. 
exercise of erectile dysfunction


Being consistent and loyal to one self while performing these exercises is necessary. Having ED is something that one may or may not have control over but what one does have control over is that one can eat good and work right to cure it if want to have a good physically performing life. 

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