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When European settlers were searching for freedom, they came to America and settled in 13 colonies. New York was one of those colonies. Settlers found the land to be rich in food and water and provided a life of health and happiness.

Today, New Yorkers enjoy the same abundance from the state. New York is full of life. It’s most famous city, New York City, is known as “the city that never sleeps” and “The Big Apple.” New York State is home to more than 19 million residents (as of 2019). Now New Yorkers live a hustle and bustle kind of life. They’re always on the go and need lots of energy in order to get through life.

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About New York

Located in the northeastern part of the United States, New York State is renowned for New York City and the impressive Niagara Falls. New York City’s island, Manhattan, is home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park. Connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn is The Brooklyn Bridge. The quintessential Statue of Liberty watches over New York Harbor. Long Island, located to the east, is home to the beaches, the Montauk Lighthouse, the swank Hamptons, and Fire Island.

New York is the fourth most populated state. Two-thirds of New York’s population resides in the New York metropolitan area. Forty percent live on Long Island. Both the state and city were named after the 17th-century Duke of York, who was the future King James II of England at the time.

New York has countless renowned landmarks. In 2013, New York was home to four of the world’s 10 most-visited tourist attractions: Times Square, Central Park, Niagara Falls, and Grand Central Terminal. You’ll find the Statue of Liberty guarding New York in the harbor. Today, New York has become a worldwide beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship, social tolerance, and environmental sustainability. New York has a higher education network top 100 colleges and universities in the nation and world. It is comprised of about 200 colleges and universities, including Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University, the United States Military Academy, the United States Merchant Marine Academy, University of Rochester, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Rockefeller University. Moreover, Binghamton University and Stony Brook University are New York’s best public universities, with both making the top 100 in the United States rankings by US News at #78 and #91.

New York is home to countless state parks and two major forest preserves. Established in 1885, Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the US and the first to be created by prominent domain. Adirondack Park was established in 1892 and is about the size of Vermont. It is the biggest state park in the US. In 1894, Adirondack Park was established and became protected by the state constitution to stay “forever wild”. Adirondack Park is bigger than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon national parks combined. In 1885, legislation was passed to protect Catskill Park. The protection ordered that the land was to be preserved and never sold or leased. Catskill Park consists of 700,000 acres of land, and is a habitat for deer, minks, and fishers. There are approximately 400 bears living in Catskill Park.

At the far eastern tip of Long Island, the 1797 Montauk Lighthouse, which was appointed under President George Washington, is a primary tourist attraction in Montauk State Park. Hither Hills State Park, which is also located on the South Fork of Long Island, provides camping sites and is a popular attraction for surfcasting sport fishermen.

With Wall Street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan as the backbone to the city, New York City is known as the most financially powerful city and the leading economic center of the world. Lower Manhattan is the third-largest central business district in the US and houses the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ, depicting the world’s largest and second largest stock exchanges.
Silicon Alley is located at the center of New York City. In 2015, Silicon Alley produced over $7.3 billion in venture capital investment. High tech industries, which include digital media, biotechnology, software development, game design, and other fields in information technology are flourishing. On December 19, 2011, former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg declared his choice of Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology to construct a two-billion-dollar graduate school of applied sciences on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan. The goal was to transform New York City into the world’s primary technology capital.

Creative industries, whose purpose is to generate and distribute information and knowledge through new media, digital media, film and television production, advertising, fashion, design, and architecture, account for a large portion of employment expansion. As of 2014, New York State has been offering tax incentives of up to $420 million each year for filmmaking within the state. This is the most generous tax rebate of its kind among the states. The film entertainment industry has been flourishing in New York, supplying nearly $9 billion to the New York City economy as of 2015.
Since its use for an advertising campaign in 1977, the “I Love New York (stylized I ❤ NY)” slogan, logo, and song has been used to encourage tourism in the state of New York, which includes New York City. This logo, which is trademarked, is owned by New York State Empire State Development. “I Love New York” is the state song of New York.

Geographically, New York State is home to one National Football League team, the Buffalo Bills. The New York Giants and New York Jets, although represent the New York metropolitan area and were previously located in New York City, play in MetLife Stadium which is found in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Two Major League Baseball teams, the New York Yankees, which is in the Bronx, and the New York Mets, which is in Queens. Minor league baseball teams, such as the Long Island Ducks, the Brooklyn Cyclones, and the Staten Island Yankees downstate, and the Rochester Red Wings, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the Syracuse Mets, the Auburn Doubledays, the Batavia Muckdogs, the Hudson Valley Renegades and the Buffalo Bisons upstate, are found in New York State. Three National Hockey League franchises, the New York Rangers in Manhattan, the New York Islanders in Brooklyn and Nassau County in Long Island, and the Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo, are in New York. There are two National Basketball Association teams, the New York Knicks in Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn. New York City FC, a Major League Soccer franchise, plays in the Bronx. The New York Red Bulls embody the New York metropolitan area, but they play in Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

Both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics took place in New York at Lake Placid. The 1980 Olympic Games are renowned for the USA–USSR ice hockey match nicknamed the “Miracle on Ice.” In this game, some American college students and amateurs beat the highly favored Soviet national ice hockey team 4–3. The team then went on win the gold medal against Finland.

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