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Improving your sexual health.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common health problem affecting up to 1 in 5 males. It can affect men of all ages but is most common later in life. Typically, younger men suffering from ED experience it as a result of stress, anxiety, too much alcohol consumption, or the pressures to perform when with a sexual partner.


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Shockwave Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED), which is also referred to as impotence, is a man’s persistent inability or difficulty in having or maintaining an erection firm enough to have sex. According to WebMed, 1 in 5 men experience erectile dysfunction, and the chances increase with age. This condition is caused by medical or psychological problems. Sometimes, unhealthy lifestyles like alcohol use, smoking, recreational drugs, and various prescription drugs can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
Any medical condition that affects blood flow, nerve supply, or hormone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction. Not only that, psychological issues, such as fear of intimacy, depression, severe anxiety, and guilt may also cause ED.

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What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Apart from the difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection, ED is also characterized by the following signs:

  • Reduced interest in sexual intercourse
  • Having premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Inability to reach orgasm after stimulation

If you have been having any of the above symptoms or other issues that limit your sexual desire and performance, a few sessions of shockwave therapy might be the solution you need.

How Does Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Work?

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical procedure which uses low-energy acoustic waves to achieve the formation of new blood vessels in any affected part of the body, improving blood flow to that region. Though an erection is felt in the penis, it is not the sole organ responsible for erection.

Other elements of the male body must actively function for sex drive to be achieved. The brain, quality of blood circulation, and heart health are other crucial factors that work together to help men have and maintain an erection. Being a blood flow-improving procedure, shockwave therapy is used to increase blood flow and repair the tissue in the penis to help men with ED have sex on their own. The process is usually carried out by a clinician who will apply the low-energy acoustic wave treatment to the penis via a metal wand coated in a special gel for ease of application.

For decades, shockwave therapy has been used to treat various medical and clinical conditions such as kidney stones, issues with the Achilles tendon, as well as different body aches and pains. It was recently discovered by scientists to be a possible solution to ED, and since this discovery, several clinical trials have been conducted to get the FDA to approve it. Despite its recency, the available results show that a few weeks after the treatment, most of the men who used it reported an erectile function improvement and a better sexual drive. One study showed that 76% of men who used shockwave therapy achieved IIEF-EF sexual health domain score of at least 5 points and an increase of 18.8 baselines from 8.8.

What Happens During Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

During the procedure, which typically lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, different areas of your penis will be targeted to create an internal micro-inflammatory process in the blood vessels, which will lead to blood vessel regeneration. You will lay on your back while the clinician carries out the procedure. You are not likely going to experience pain or need anesthesia, though you may have a tingling sensation in the treated area.

Apart from that, the therapy has no known significant side effects, meaning you don’t need to take time off work as you will be able to get back to your normal activities immediately after the treatment. After the first treatment, most men usually need up to another five therapy sessions to complete the process. Your erectile condition will determine the number of sessions that will be recommended for you by the clinician.

However, it is advisable that you space out your sessions, one to two sessions per week. It is important to also note that shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is not recommended for some men. For instance, if you are undergoing anticoagulant therapy, have a pacemaker, are experiencing a severe erectile dysfunction, or you have penile implants, this therapy may not be ideal for you.

How Will I Feel After Shockwave Therapy?

The shockwave therapy will direct energy waves needed to improve blood flow to your penis, thereby causing regeneration of blood vessel in your penile shaft. This will lead to a more prolonged, stronger, and more gratifying erection.

You will be able to have a fulfilled sexual life afterward and overcome impotence or become less dependent on sexual organ-arousing medications.

Shockwave therapy is not only meant for men with erectile dysfunction. It is also a good option for you if you already have a healthy erection but would just like to experience an improved sex life. Before recommending shockwave therapy, your clinician must have conducted an in-depth analysis of your condition to be sure it is the best treatment options for you.

Why Should I Choose Shockwave Over Other Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction?

While there are several other options, such as vacuum erection devices, pills, and penile injections, according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, each of these is “typically conducted on an as-needed basis and may only work for one sexual encounter at a time.” Shockwave therapy, on the other hand, is more advantageous because the procedure is purposely administered to target your erectile mechanism and help you have erections on your own. Additionally, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy or ESWT, the technology behind Shockwave Therapy, is a painless, drug-free and non-surgical procedure, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of side effects. This makes it a more favored option above other erectile dysfunction treatment alternatives.

How ePowerWave Can Help

Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition that causes relationship problems and affects a man’s self-confidence. Today, 40 to 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, and an unsatisfactory sex life is one of the causes for that. This is where the team at ePowerWave comes in.

We are a group of highly experienced medical professionals dedicated to helping men get more out of their sex lives. We use the latest technology in shockwave medical treatment to help men improve their sexual performance. If you are having erectile dysfunction or would like to improve your sexual performance, you can book a date with us today by calling us or simply filling out our free consultation form.


Contact us today and find out how we can help address your erectile dysfunction issues. For a more detailed discussion of your needs, you can schedule a consultation.

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