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Erectile Dysfunctions Treatments in Beverly Hill , CA

The predicament of embarrassing, irritating, and complicated to traverse is erectile dysfunction. The treatments of erectile dysfunction should not be considered as a misprision debate. It is the worst state in a relationship that is only controlled by the patience and kind behavior of both partners. Avoiding criticism and giving space to each other may contribute to reducing the chance of separation. Many reasons contribute towards erectile dysfunction such as depression, anxiety, and aging. We can deal with erectile dysfunction through love, support, and medications. Beverly Hill, CA is working enthusiastically to control and treat this sexual dysfunction. We are not only providing mental support to the partners but also encouraging them for proper treatment. It’s not embarrassing to consult a doctor in these matters.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunctions:

Many factors can cause erectile dysfunction. Aging is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction are age. According to some estimates, 40 years old men have a 40% chance of having this type of sexual disease. The risk then increases up by 10% every ten years. People are more prone to develop medical disorders that increase the risk of erectile dysfunction as they get older.
These include the following:

● Diabetes type 2
● Hypertension, the medical term for the high blood pressure may cause it.
● Atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque in the arteries can cause sexual dysfunction.
● Hypogonadism, or a lack of testosterone, is a condition that affects men.
● Low testosterone level in the human body.
● Heart disorders
● Depression and Stress
● Anxiety
● Obesity is a problem that affects many people.
● High blood pressure
● Prostate problem
● Alcohol addiction 

Diabetes and atherosclerosis are two of the most frequent medical conditions that result in erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, erectile dysfunction can be a side effect of some medications that people are more prone to use as they get older, such as blood pressure, tranquilizer, and ulcer drugs.


Symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction:

Trouble in getting and maintaining erection and sex are the major symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Patients with erectile dysfunction may not be able to sex when they want it. Sometimes they are unable to have erections. 

They may get mentally ill. It is normally common for males. Depression, anxiety, stress, or any other psychiatric issue may lead to improper erections. When these complications become worse, or you are facing them frequently, you should consult a doctor at Beverly Hill, CA for proper treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction age:

Age might be considered a major contributing factor but cannot be considered as a cause itself. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affects half of all men at some point in their lives. According to research, more than 40% of men experience ED after the age of 40, and nearly 70% of men experience some kind of ED at the age of 70, which is generally accompanied by a decrease in libido or sexual desire. Over the year, there is good news for many successful treatments that have been introduced in Beverly Hill, CA for erectile dysfunction. The old aged people are suffered from this kind of disorders. Research and experimental reports disclose that erectile dysfunction is somehow related to an older age. Different types of researches are made in this regard. Some of the observations are:

● Prior to age 40, 2% of cases of this disease are reported.
● In between 40 and 49 years of age, 4% of cases of this disorder are reported.
● Between ages 50 to 59, 26% are having this trouble.
● In age between 60 and 69, 40% are suffering.

Aging itself is not only the reason for erectile dysfunction in men, but its chances increases when men grow up. Those men whose age is above 65 are seen at a higher chance of developing erectile dysfunction. It is related to disastrous disorder and lifestyle too. When men enjoy the peaceful and good environment and they do not watch TV continuously, he is at lower chance of developing this type of disorder. On the other hand, this obesity, malnutrition, smoking, anxiety, depression, and more time of Television results in erectile dysfunction. In America, more than twenty million people are suffering from this disastrous disorder. It has not only physical issues as well as the mental issue and the relationship as well. When we face a problem during sex drive, we can disturb our partner too, which you know is disastrous for our self-esteem too. Social stigma, stress, financial issues, and many more societal complications disturb mental well-being which is directly connected with sexual arousal. When we are not mentally prepared for sex, we cannot do the perfect. It is important to maintain mental peace for having good sex. It becomes a trouble for most of the people specially those who are already suffering from chronic disorders. Including heart and diabetic patients, the people using antidepressants for the hypertension and stress are also at greater risk of developing such disorder.

Erectile Dysfunction Tests:

Blood and Urine Tests:

Based on your physical exam as well as your medical and sexual history, the specialist will take blood and urine tests at Beverly Hill, CA. They’ll use these to check for complications associated with sexual desires that can lead to ED, such as:

● Diabetes and kidney issues
● Heart disease
● Kidney disease
● Hormonal problems such as low testosterone

The doctor will also check your heartbeat to make sure it’s normal.

Overnight erection test:

There should be an overnight erection test for those who are facing this kind of complication. In this test, the men have to place a device around the penis at night. It will give measurement about how much erection is made and how strong the intensity is. If you have a proper erection overnight then it will indicate a mental or emotional disorder.

Mental Health Exam:

As sexual desires are also linked with mental and emotional levels and they also link with the brain. When a doctor will feel that you are mentally and emotionally sick, he will ask you standardized questions about your mental health being. A specialist at Beverly Hill, CA is working for it. There are psychiatrists too that will go through your problems. They help them to check for your

● Depression
● Anxiety
● Stress
● And some other causes of erectile dysfunction.


For erectile dysfunction, there is a specific ultrasound sound that is typically known as Doppler ultrasound. It is another way to check blood flow to the penis. An injection test is also a contributing factor in this ultrasound. A company in Beverly Hills, California, is avidly participating in the introduction of this ultrasonography. Your doctor takes an instrument that looks like a stick or rode shape and this instrument is held over your penis. To show a video of your blood vessels, it uses sound waves so that your doctor can observe a flow chart below.

Injection test:

Injection tests for sexual dysfunctions are also performed at Beverly Hill, CA to treat ED that is typically called the Intracavernosal test. In this test, a surgeon will inject certain medicines into the base of your penis. This medicine will help to give you an erection. If you do not get an erection after this injection, there must be an issue in blood flow towards your penis.

How to control erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently?

If anyone is looking for a permanent treatment, they should consult at Beverly Hill, CA. We will prescribe you proper medications and surgical treatments too. There is much evidence now. We can control it easily. If you are looking for natural remedies to cure it, you must change your lifestyle first.


The strides about how to treat Ed by changing lifestyle:


● Stay calm and keep loving
● Avoid blaming yourself or your ally and stay positive.
● Enhance physical intimacy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
● Support your partner in this difficult time
● Communicate openly, share your desires with your partner
● Listen to your partner carefully.
● Speak sincerely about sex.
● Talk collaboratively about sex.
● Physical examination by a specialist.

There are nutritional ways too, to control erectile dysfunction. The surgical treatments are there too like vascular surgery and shockwave therapy. During surgical treatment, surgeon will ask about the psychological history of the patient, the questionnaire about sexual history and health history may include the following questions;

● How long the patient has been facing these issues?
● Does he exercise daily?
● What kind of foods does the patient consume on daily basis?
● Do the sufferer use alcohol, tobacco, or any drugs now or in the past? What are the medications you are currently taking or have taken previously?
● The patient wake up for walk in the morning or not?

Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction:

One of the surgical treatments, shock wave therapy is commonly used for Ed. Our organization Beverly Hill, CA is providing with high quality and frequency sound waves for it. In this treatment waves are applied to promote the growth of blood vessels and maintain the exact blood flow. We are enthusiastically working for the best results. By joining Beverly Hill, CA you will enjoy permanent cure of ED.

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