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We Take Care of YOU ePowerWave

ePowerWave specializes in treatments for male-specific conditions that can be hard to talk about with your GP. Whether you are struggling with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low testosterone, or some other condition, we have an experienced and caring team of professionals who can help. We are non-judgmental and will always treat you with the utmost respect and dignity that you deserve.

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Our clinics

Our clinics are located in almost all US cities, find a nearby clinic near you

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Step 1: Consultation

Have a free Consultation with knowledgeable and expert adviser regarding male health issue(s).

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Step 2: The Treatment

Treatments are customized according to your specific condition(s), goals, and needs.

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Step 3: Perform Tonight

Our effective treatments and medications take effect quickly and can last for hours.

Putting Men’s Health First Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of healthcare for men. We strive to offer the very best in treatments, clinical expertise, and education to improve the happiness and health of our patients and of men everywhere.

Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction by % of Ocurrence

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How the Powerwave Process Works?

ePowerWave Medical Team

Meet the ePowerWave Medical Team

Dr. George Ibraheim, DO Rose Zegarra, PA-C – Physician Assistant John Wolf Jr, MD Billy Taylor, MBA, CHC – Clinical Advisor